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Summer Christian fundraiser idea

I’m in the process of planning new fundraiser ideas and I have an idea that may work for your church. Offer t-shirts with a bible verse that relates to the message or theme for the week or month.
You can have a sample shirt hung out where the congregation can see it with order forms for colors and sizes. Just make an announcement at the end of the service and remind everybody that the proceeds will go to your ministry or fund. You can add $6 to $9 per shirt that will go directly to your ministry. And you can do this every week or month, depending on your message.
I know this is different and it may not work for everybody, but your cost will stay at $11 a shirt, so $17 to $20 for a good quality shirt with a powerful verse is a good value and you get the profit of $6 to $9 per shirt.
If you have a fundraiser idea you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to shoot it over to me. I really want to add to our shirt fundraisers as we move forward in 2015.
God bless!